Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Warning...Disclosure...Disclaimer, whatever you want to call it :)

Hello reader(s)! I am a full-time mom to two AWESOME kids, Aurelia (girl, 2.5 years old) and Azrael (boy, 14 months.) In my completely biased opinion they are smart, funny, gorgeous and loveable. So loveable, in fact, that I quit a well-paying job I liked just to have more time with them. Aurelia pronounces her name "Yea-ya" and Azrael's name "Ayo," hence the blog name. To make the most of my time with them (they do grow up quickly, don't they?) I am testing the waters with homeschooling.

I have no experience whatsoever in teaching children anything. I never even babysat as a kid (sometimes I babysit a friend's kid, but that only started once I had my own.) I finished college with a Bachelor's degree in International Business, which probably equipped me with no tools for working with small children.

You might be asking how I plan on teaching my kids instead of having a school do it. Well, I might change my mind, and it is not set in stone, but for now I am just working on what I think of as toddler/small child basics. ABCs and the sounds they make (leading up to reading), numbers and quantity, shapes and sizes, art, music. I also teach a bit of science. Animals- their names, what they eat, where in the world they live, funny facts about them; plants- the life cycle, how we use them and how we can grow them; dinosaurs- that they lived a long, long time ago, how they behaved. I am starting to think about how to approach religion/faith. (I'd like to give an unbiased representation of the various religions of the world, explain what I personally believe, but also allow them to decide for themselves.)

I don't think my plan would fall into any one category or type of homeschooling (which runs the gamut from religious approaches to unschooling.) I am not sure mine is what you would even call a long-term plan- I am just figuring it out as I go along, although I do plan on following any rules set out by my state.

This blog is not meant to extol the virtues of homeschooling in general, or recommend any one approach to it. While I have opinions on the pros and cons of public and private school, I won't be divulging that now. For now, this blog is just a place for me to share any progress we make, various projects we work on and/or complete, and brag about my kids. :-D

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